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tv   [untitled]    July 1, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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let's not forget that we sat in a park right. i think. either one of the well. we never got the look as you're going to say get ready for freedom. for. fear.
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the a. hard time for type tool time award and tonight goes to wisconsin state supreme court justice david prosser you may think that he's winning this award for his alleged fight with fellow justice and watch bradley if you haven't heard justice processors accused of putting justice bradley in a choke hold during a disagreement they had more than a week ago the whole incident has just turned into a three ring circus in wisconsin allegations charges of lying being tossed around by both democrats and republicans as you might expect the local media and that is that the stakes. capitol of wisconsin well they're just going gangbusters of this
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story every single day reporters are trying to find out what really happened and break new details on the case sir porter from the local fox station that saw justice prosper in the hallway of the supreme court on thursday and he tried to figure that out take a look did she come in. just to state the cross or grab her microphone and second he decided he didn't have any use for he didn't want to answer any of our questions for us what happened in that room we. and some of that somebody had a change of heart two seconds after grabbing that thing i wonder why that would be i don't know how about because you're accused of putting a fellow justice in a chokehold and then just a few days later you snatch the microphone out of the hand of a reporter talk about a bad p.r. move but you see the reporter in madison didn't give up he kept chasing at the justice trying to find out what really happened there a reason you won't explain what happened to the public instead he turned his back on those in the elevator and stormed into his chambers.
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you know the whole thing about this story though the whole thing of who put who would a choke hold or who pushed to it this point there's really there's no telling what actually happened but if you're a justice oughta state supreme court you would think they would have better judgment than to make yourself look guilty but i think that most people would agree that if somebody runs from the media slams the door in their face it looks like they have something to hide from the looks of this story it appears that just as david prosser needs some anger management classes you know i was accused of putting a fellow colleague here at our t.v. show called believe me i would be in my best behavior around the office of course that would never happen i would peace loving person but this thursday incident of grabbing a reporter's microphone is not going to win the justice any new fans in fact it will probably already confirm what a lot of people are thinking but he's got a temper so police and a judicial review board it was constant are investigating the choking incident but no word on when they will be complete. so let's hope it happens soon because it
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looks like supreme it was constant state supreme court justice david prosser is about to blow a gasket and that's why we're giving him our tool time award tonight. all right so you know a caution about bringing attention to police involved in the go a step too far and this time i'd like to present to you an incident that happened a few weeks ago in dayton ohio a mentally handicapped teenager named jesse kersey was stopped by police on a teenager who also had a speech impediment tried to explain his condition to the officer willy hooper helicopter but he was being disrespected by courtesy and in fact a core papers go on to explain that a neighbor who saw this dispute trying to explain the situation the officer however hooper threatened to arrest the neighbor if he didn't go inside certain there the teenager attempted to return to his home to ask his mother for help but officer who followed him managed to beat him pepper spray him tase him and then proceeded to call for backup from fellow police officers though and despite the fact that at
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this point here is his mother was trying to explain the teen's mental state he was handcuffed hobson and then put the back of a police car and i apologize for the fact that we don't have any video of this incident any interviews with local police about what happened because the media and no i openly didn't really cover this issue you know the local news stations thought that it would be much more fitting to cover local fairs and road construction but learning how officers in their district teach treat teenagers with mental disabilities now since they refuse to give any attention to it let me explain why this is such a ridiculous case for starters the teenager was not only beaten and pepper sprayed he was also taste and all taser guns are supposed to only be used by police officers to stun a disgruntled person into submission we've seen them get taser happy over the years and often times tasers have led to deaths. and hours of searching for his mother successfully at the airport to cancel it so church throwing chairs at a glass window in the customs region of the airport. officers finally approach one
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pulls out a taser and opens fire. after being cost. is dead in spanaway neighbors say pierce county sheriff's deputies used extreme force to take down the man who refused to leave an apartment unit to taser going. for the last time they came. after. the twenty seven year old spanaway band leader died at the hospital one of the deputies deployed is taser sitting in a normal sized chunk of electricity into coal yours body he stopped breathing the deputies tried to revive him using c.p. or but it was too late to use as scary part here is the officer still use tasers to detain people as a less deadly method than say their guns even if tasers have been late to several deaths in the past in this case there is no excuse for the way officer who perpetrated the mentally handicapped teenager beaten stunned that first break at a hard time for a speech impediment was grossly mistaken as being disrespectful so this deserves
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a double whammy award for an officer who completely misunderstood a situation after putting an innocent teenager through hell. now the u.s. and its nato allies have not been bombing libya for more than three months well each passing day the suppose that humanitarian intervention which they refuse to acknowledge is a war looks more and more like a stalemate and we brought you extensive coverage of the illegality of this war but not explainable explanation by the obama administration or why this president and all those unilaterally and without asking congress but we knew the american people also didn't get a say and rapper marcel card he has decided to make music about that. dresden it's all. the scope. of human rights. it's. something. the only thing.
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i also take a look at how this war explains america's greater foreign policy agenda. you know you'll be promising. the same. thing the word again. was present and it will sweep. the needle. the problem. even if you force the whole the bed to the response instead. it's a topic that we've touched upon it many times on this show a power of music to become a political tool so why is he the only one doing it joining me from our studio in new york is rock artist marcel card here his album hands off libya is due to be released this august marcelle thanks so much for joining us tonight so your album is coming out in august so far we gave the audience a taste of two songs on there why are you making an entire album about libya. well toward the end of his life more luther king said the greatest purveyor of
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violence in the world today is my own government and he also said the government continues to spend more money every year on wars the. on programs of social or lift is a spiritual death now we have to put together these imperial adventures of broad and the fact that every single year and every day for that matter they tell us again and again and again there is no money for basic social programs there's no money for education there's no money for health care and don't even think about asking for those things as basic human rights but suddenly when it comes to war there was always an endless supply at any given time so we have to put those two together and we have to understand that poor and working people need to stand up not only for economic rights but against these wars of imperialism and occupation because that will bring us liberation and what do you think about the fact that the administration refuses to call this war
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a war they would say that it doesn't even count as hostilities under the war powers act and they still go on calling this a humanitarian intervention. we shouldn't be surprised whatsoever we're dealing with the united states the greatest in slavery of african people in history and we're also dealing with france and britain the two biggest colonizers of africa you know when they first colonize africa they use the humanitarian the guys there is well they said we have to civilize the african people it is the white man's burden to civilize africa and they're doing it all over again it doesn't matter which u.s. president is in office you know so we shouldn't be surprised whatsoever by this you know they can see again and again that it's humanitarian just like it was in iraq just like it is in afghanistan to fight terrorism but they never acknowledge that their war is in themselves or terrorist actions in the u.s. government is the biggest terrorist in world history i mean i think you make
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a good point and one of the clips that we showed there when you said you know this these people don't represent you and i think that a lot of americans feel that way because we have no say in the wars that are. our behalf that are in our name do you think about ever going to change or is this military industrial complex just too large and we're too removed from it well i think the it is a matter of clinton's in office bush is in office obama is in office because it was fundamentally at stake is the system and the system of capitalism is what creates these wars imperialism is the highest stage of the system is not a policy is not something that obama could change even if you wanted so you know this military industrial complex they constantly need wars in order to stimulate the economy never for poor and working people but to answer your question i think that the power is in the people i think the history is shown as the every time the organized the masses come out you know we had the revolutionary movement in the sixty's in the seventy's in the u.s.
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government was scared to death because they saw the organized people so we need to regroup again we need a revolutionary movement with real leadership and that way we can take down some of our obama not about bush it's about parasites who are in power who represent one percent and the people who represent the other ninety nine probably more now you know and we saw the revolution going on in egypt as well you also made a song about michelle a clip of that and the audience are now. years old. you close. your. eyes so you make funny points about how revolution change democracy has to come from the bottom up and from the people but then what he had to say about the situation that we're seeing in egypt on the ground right now the continued violence . well the egyptian revolution what the mainstream media likes to term the egyptian revolution which was really just the removal of hosni mubarak from power that was
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really the first step that was not a revolution in itself because after mubarak was gone you still have the same system in place it's still a proxy state of the u.s. is to. puppet state so the egyptian masses are demanding more they're not willing to settle for nothing they don't see the bloodshed you know that happened in february is the end they understand that the entire system has to go in perhaps a large organization and that's what's really needed on the ground but you know i don't i don't think that i don't think the violence on behalf of the or press people fighting for their liberation is a bad thing i think that you know first of all the most violent people involved in this process were the egyptian government you know their force of repression you know so the people have the right to use whatever means necessary to get their freedom and we would like of course for a peaceful solution but you know let's be honest a lot of times you know what state is willing to do is give book their power. in
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a nonviolent way just say here you know people take the power myself just very last the last day it's been like thirty seconds you can tell me you know we see a lot of hip hop artist making political statements but we're really is about something that's going on right apis moment like the war in libya why do you think that is. but i think the hip hop has been hijacked by capitalism i think that has been hijacked and turned into something that is not in fact you have a lot of press people who are making songs trying to imitate your press which is ridiculous but it's a tactic that they use you know so i'm going to continue to make these songs you don't continue to put out music that speaks to all reality on the ground not fantasy but we're actually dealing with day to day and you know i think that is a movement that i think that there or other voices like mine out there is just that without the right forum in the plug holes russia today was the only one willing to put me on the air you know we have i'm happy that we don't have to have a good deal of my songs are out of time but thank you so much for joining us tonight thank you. are coming up next we have our fireside friday and then at the
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end of the week filmmakers healthy happy hour fast we can't when days go to russia and it turns out when he addresses the fear that when he in the u.s. last week he feels the aftermath technical around for the. internet only military mechanisms do the work to bring justice and accountability. i have a right to know what my government's true if you want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic. of american exceptionalism. give us some love to see the story and the scene so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't i'm sorry is
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a big. let's not forget that we are in a park right brooke. i think. well. we never got the. safe get ready for freedom. for.
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tonight's biocide ride with your. cops. this week we saw the idea of just it's kind of responsibility basically come to a close so when the obama administration first took over they made it very clear that they would not be pursuing any bush administration officials you know people like the president or the vice president or any bush administration lawyers for their crimes by those crimes i mean approving and legally justifying the use of enhanced interrogation techniques on detainee it's something that the rest of us in the real world call torture what obama's justice department did do is call in
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a special prosecutor john durham to carry on an investigation into cia interrogators who may have unlawfully torture detainees in their custody and since not all but slowly but surely the investigation has been growing bits and pieces out. the most prominent example being the destruction of cia interrogation tapes and investigation that john durham decided to drop and then this week this week we learned from attorney general eric holder that out of one hundred and one cases they would pursue criminal investigations and only two two cases out of one hundred one and they haven't even released the names of these two specific cases but some out there have speculated the one is a prisoner who froze to death at a secret prison in afghanistan the other was one of the bodies that you saw soldiers posing next to it all the great photos those sound brutal and the proof of the grave abuses that were committed in the name of america all over the world in secret installations but they're just the tip of the iceberg so if you look at the
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information compiled by groups like the a.c.l.u. those people who are investigating for human rights watch they reported over one hundred detainees have died during u.s. interrogations dozens directly because of those interrogations going too far eric holder is aside to look into two cases and how much would you like to better the chances of those actually going to court anyone actually being charged those are slim to none and then again there's a greater problem to all of this it's the back to those at the highest levels those who make the calls for torture will never be investigated and the only ones who are pursued are low level and it doesn't mean that those on the lower levels who carried out the torturing orders bear no responsibility oh no their hands have blood on them but it's the joke of a word that's become justice that really gets me these this means that according to the obama administration you know the one that was supposed to bring back the rule of law according to them this means that the book on torture has essentially been
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closed nobody nobody out there is going to be held accountable and so how many times have we heard them say that they want to look forward rather than back those are words that we've heard echoed by leon panetta and also david petraeus as they move on to their new positions and betrays his words actually being sworn in as the . of the cia he said it's time to take the rearview mirrors off the bus you know that's the same betray as the law testifying on the hill said that the cia should consider enhanced interrogations again only in special cases of those taking time bomb scenarios to tell why wouldn't they right now that any chance for any legal repercussions have been squashed now that pesky law doesn't have to hang over their head who knows what they'll do and that my friends is a legacy that this administration is going to be known for. well tonight we have a special surprise for those of you who follow us on twitter you know that we've been holding a little contest this week all the efforts to keep away our lovely new swag we've
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got mugs and we have a little heart kit stress balls so we asked you to tell us who you think is the biggest fool in u.s. politics and why in just one hundred forty characters so after much careful thought and deliberation we decided on a winner and in light of hillary clinton's comments last week on the war in libya and the congressional critique where she said the bottom line is whose side are you on during a press conference for our tool time twitter contest is filled day which we did the biggest tool is hillary clinton for repurchasing bush era double speak and refuelling american warfare. two now i did an entire fireside about that last weeks if you can't tell if something gets me riled up to you so nice one day i'll be in touch with how to send you your prize but everyone else thank you for your responses i really have another contest soon enough so make sure you follow us on twitter to get all the fun.
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ok it's friday and it's time for happy hour joining me tonight is r t correspondent lauren lyster and libby jacobson senior policy analyst for new media strategies public affairs t.v. ladies thank you so much for joining me thank you they're all well acquainted with those master card or is it be that hard so your ass you can't thank you the commercials the words priceless but now there is a spoof on those take a look. you know people observers and who. do those. donations lost to the banking bookie fifteen million. at a cost to the cultural. life of those you know. watching the world. series so we're. priceless. thing that we do you take a little dig at master card to get mastercard shut down any donations that are
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claiming that you just lost a whole lot of money with that what do you think is a priceless as we could exchange the world i think those are really good execution on the commercial i think that's a little i mean it was behind some i'm guessing it was he stars in it but. i don't know how in the egypt protests and even credit for that behind her laptop oh not so sure but it gave no i don't know if it is i mean i think you've taken some pretty serious and i think it's a great powerful commercial but you know you got to admit it's a little bit self aggrandizing a son just under house arrest and bradley manning is still sitting in a dark cold cells somewhere saying you've got to do something live on house arrest were you said i'm snarky can we do it i want to know that i didn't leave the man has maybe a little bit of an ego problem this or if anybody's ever you know the fast food chain wendy's and big thomas is the founder and the mare. when you look at these logo and it's this cute little girl with pigtails and apparently it's his granddaughter but in russia you just opened the window and that's actually not the
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real picture because we couldn't find a good picture but. when d.n. had these except the ladies standing outside apparently the c.e.o. is kind of angry now i think we should have expected that or maybe they're just jealous that russia thought of it first we're going to russia and i mean is this the best way to get people into when you see burgers they are more have it right. i know that all the men in our office talk about how much people like men like russia because of the women so i believe and are beautiful also why not entice people to come into your business a beautiful woman standing outside they don't need wendy's that cows are you know ideally when doing goes to girls but i think that's a long way to go to get it it's going to be great probably going you know you've got sexy nurse sexy police officer now you have sexy wendy whoever thought i don't think there is one because i did a google search on you. didn't see too many thanks the wendy's ok next up with this guy is being called a robot we've seen a lot of politicians that give the same answer over and over and over and over again but this one is really that this is labor leader ed miliband from the u.k.
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today to structure the. produce of the road trip get rather because changing table and stopping happen you get round to go straight from table put aside the rhetoric and see the problem i'll always to get rather leaders churching table put aside the recruit get rather to his church and put aside the rhetoric and stop this kind of action you can use drugs a rule. that was pretty bad i guess is really talking point he could remember oh yeah you can say he our person before me was a deal did he do that on purpose was he trying to make a point. we ended it right it was a little bit of a longer interview and so we showed you where he discovered being the same lines but it was you couldn't think of anything else to say how do people like that even get elected i mean it was literally the same talking points just rearranged and they arranged and re-arranged but you. how to ask in this kind of a situation where is the interviewer on this why doesn't the interviewer say anything like you're saying the same thing that's not what i asked you i mean i
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would say that if i was interviewing him yeah well i would say that my favorite is when these basically just asked michele bachmann or she was hypnotized she couldn't believe i mean they are and over and over again last minute exactly that was that i missed. her you have to show you a clip because think about this is i don't know if anybody knows bill benz brother to be the foreign minister of there in the u.k. very popular here david miliband he's a looker so we have to say this brother doesn't have his charm because he was always a very much a favorite whenever we covered congressional hearings that he was i have to say what do you think it's really a question like. doesn't really do it for me before you know you know when i see him up close to it up close let's get ok this last one is pretty funny so ashton kutcher tweeted in los angeles and he said l.a.p.d. asked me to tweet four or five freeway between ten and one o one will be closed july sixteenth and seventeenth and exchange i'd like a free pass on that spot stoplight take it it was yellow so apparently the l.a.p.d.
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is reaching out to celebrities like ashton kutcher and lady gaga they are some of the people who have the most followers on twitter by the way in the world but they're asking them to tweet traffic kind of sad come on alone oh there we go there from l.a. anything that would clue you into what the traffic you're going to get is between your hard drive or not supposed to be tweeting while driving that is part of the rendering a different between ideology and reality and there's plenty of time to check your phone or you are sitting on the floor i'm just saying i think they're encouraging people to text and tweet and drive it's one more reason not to follow celebrities on twitter and i think it's one reason to christmas island below into the fed now about that you're getting actually helpful traffic advice i'm good reason although i think people are starting to realize that you know if you want anything to get out there and anybody to pay attention to it unfortunately you have to have a celebrity there is no dice i ladies thank you so much for joining me tonight. thank you for spending and make sure they come back on tuesday for actually taking money off the park if you live in the meantime gotta get the fact that they want to
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show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of night's show or any other nights you can always catch hell that you cannot comp crashed the ellen show coming up next is adam versus the next. internet only or military mechanisms if you don't work out to bring justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. well i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here see some other part of it and realize that everything you saw if you don't i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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says. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here. i think iraq is beautiful and funny well. whatever government says there are keep them safe get ready because you give them their freedom. for.


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